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The 6-Port Controller
How To User Guide

A basic walk through on how to operate and understand your 6 port controller. Get setup and going quickly!
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Course Lessons

Course Includes

This course will enable you understand and operate the Neurocare Pro 6-Port Controller.
Great for getting accustomed to basic operations of your controller so you can quickly administer treatments as needed.

3 Lessons

Our lessons are broken into sections so you can learn on your time and progressively grow as you fully intake the information

2 Videos

Quick How-To videos are created to give you a simple and easy to understand method of helping you understand the topic.

Frequency Chart

Understand the frequency chart or use this slide as reference if you ever lose your frequency chart and need a quick printout.

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Neurocare Pro

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Neurocare Pro: serving medical practices across North America, has been a contributing on the subject of PBM light therapy in various health care publications for nearly 15 years.
We speak and educate nationally and internationally on the many uses of PBM light therapy, highlighting the research studies done in the areas of brain health, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and chronic pain relief.
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